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Four sisters and Family living the American Dream

Meet the Damrongwatanasuk Sisters. That’s correct, D-A-M-R-O-N-G-W-A-T-A-N-A-S-U-K  16 LETTERS but you know them as Tapanee, Natchaya, Nitchanan and Kasinee.

Coming from a culture of family unity and hard work sometimes farming in rice fields,  raising livestock or opening a small country store serving lunch to many locals, they grew up with a lifelong idea and plan to come to America and Live the American Dream.

Upon coming to America the four sisters worked two jobs and at times, living together in a one bedroom apartment with their mother, pooling their money together with one goal in mind. To open up their own family Restaurant. Starting out working at numerous jobs in order to gain knowledge and experience, they were employed in a wide range of positions and various food service industries. From Dobbs international in the airline industry, to rolling egg rolls for LoAnn Foods to various Thai restaurants in Tampa , Ft Lauderdale , West Palm Beach Floridacto San diego Californiavisa. Soon after her other sisters Nastchaya, NItchanan and Kasinee were granted their visa to join their famiily here in Tampa FL USA.  
At times the sisters shared the same rooms living in a one bedroom apartment. Over the next few years all the sisters worked for various companies in the food service industry. From Dobbs International preparing meals for airline passengers, to working at Loann Egg Roll Factory in Tampa and different restaurants around the State of Florida from Tampa and West Palm Beach to Ft Lauderdale and even SanDiego California .


First opened their doors on November 14, 1993 at 1600 W. Main St. in Dunedin FL. The sisters started off working 7 days a week, driving from Tampa to Dunedin everyday. Two times a week Tapanee and her husband Randall Knowles would go to the framers market at 3am in order to get the freshest local grown vegetables

 opened their doors On Nov 11 2002 the ROYAL PALACE moved to their current location at 811 S. Howard Ave Tampa, FL 33606
 Royal Palace continues to serve in their present location has been serveing up award winning cuisine and has become one of the longest running Restaurants in the same location in the SoHo District of Tampa. Royal Palace has been voted best of the Bay, Bsest Thai Restaurant 7 years in a row by Tampa Bay Metro Magazine, South Tampa’s Best Asian Restaurant by Tampa Tribune South district and is in the top of the ratings on TripAdvisor. 

 CLICK HERE to see past and present photos of the Royal Palace from building the interior of the Royal Palace to the numerous charitable events and their customers over the years.